Google demos JBL Android TV sound bar and its cool Assistant tricks

Google demos JBL Android TV sound bar and its cool Assistant tricks

Similar to iPhone X swiping right will lead you to the recent apps.

From now on your Google Assistant will be speaking on your behalf, literally. Access will be blocked unless this is possible, as Google says this adds even further protection.

These all look like tiny changes, but on the whole, they make the screenshot taking and editing experience a whole lot smoother.

It's too early in the year for Google to showcase any new hardware, which it tends to do ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

"Hi, I'm calling to book a hair appointment for a client", said a realistic-sounding automated voice in a demo from the conference stage. Of course, that is as per the time that the user has set as the sleeping time.

The unveiling of the natural-sounding robo-assistant by the tech giant this week wowed some observers but left others fretting over the ethics of how the human-seeming software might be used. Google claims this will help improve efficiency of smartphone batteries by a large margin.

And finally, the interface to edit the screenshots has been improved in DP2 as well. That's cool. Isn't it? So after the user has inserted a headphone, the device will present the user with the option to play music that was last being heard.

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If you'd rather set up parental controls on your own device rather than give your child their own phone or tablet, the best method is to create a separate user account for them. Wind Down mode automatically switches off in the morning. Personally, I'd prefer Google Assistant could better respond to normal queries before teaching it how to do multiple ones, but Google is likely to kill two birds with one stone here. Users can assign favourite contacts whose calls will come through even in Shush mode.

Adaptive Battery adds to past optimizations for battery-life improvements such as Doze, App Standby, and Background Limits. The new Do Not Disturb mode takes out all visual indicators, so you won't get alerts to new messages, Snaps or emails.

This means that users of some select smartphones from these companies too can get a sneak peek into the next big iteration of Android OS.

Along with the Dashboard, Google has also introduced App Timer, a feature to help users control how they spend their time. Google said when they first launched Android TV it only had support for 20-something apps. A second "Swipe Up" would open the app drawer.

Although Google is already working to optimize Android P, the OS will not be ready for the stable channel for another few months.

"At Intel we are committed to building Android as a turn-key automotive OS that helps automakers deliver the latest in-car infotainment for consumers". Let us know in the comments!

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