The Walking Dead season 8 will 'break' characters even more

The Walking Dead season 8 will 'break' characters even more

"We all know it's the All Out War storyline", Kirkman said at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour.

The video starts with Norman Reedus (Daryl) talking to the camera, as Melissa McBride (Carol) hides behind him, giving us what's already the second Cute Caryl moment of Season 8.

When asked at the San Diego Comic Con if Clementime will ever appear in the TV series, the comic writer replied: "No. I like that if you want to play The Walking Dead video game, you get Clementine, and you get a unique experience ..." The new artwork displays two sides of the popular series: the show's humble beginning with Rick as Sheriff, juxtaposed with the incredibly different place he's found himself at now. But here we are, about to see the show's 100th episode (!), and the cast has a special message for the fans, which you can see right here! To receive this type of record-breaking response heading into the series' 100th episode is beyond gratifying.

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Season eight of The Walking Dead premieres Oct. 22 on AMC. I've been part of some shows that have incredible fans, but I don't think there's any comparison with the Walking Dead fans.

"We've got all these different factions, all these different locations - the Hilltop, the Sanctuary - and getting all these people together and continuing to expand the scale in a cool way, but really using all these pieces to their fullest". She stepped forward, just like fans hoped she would, and told King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) that it was time to prepare for war. We've spent a lot of time setting these characters up, and now we're going to bash them against each other and see what happens...

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